Friday, April 17, 2009

Mermaid Cake

The Mermaid Cake. At first, Bryanna really wanted a Dolphin cake. (I mean every time I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, that was it!) I had a hard time trying to get myself geared up to create such a cake. I'm not much of an artist (at all), so that was going to be on a level I shouldn't even touch. Thank goodness for Barbies and Mermaids. I can decorate, and so can Bryanna. She had a total BLAST helping me put on some of the candy designs!! (with only one blunder!)

This girl LOVES her cake. And I'm a happy mom, getting out of making the Dolphin cake just about made my day!!

(Yes, below is my NEW Cuisinart mixer. I love it. It is better than anything I've looked at by far. It has 1000 watts (not one hundred, but one thousand!!) 12 speeds, and a timer!!! All the attachments, bells and whistles!! Its what makes this Birthday party possible!!

I also baked ten 9" cakes for all the party girls to frost and decorate!! I think they will have the time of their lives!

My mom gave her a Glam make-up set...she is already putting it to good use! (and yes, she picked out her own outfit. And yes, that's a christmas tree on her shirt)

A little over board if you ask me. But if you ask her, she's just getting started!

Happy almost Birthday my beautiful Bryanna!


Jamila said...

All I can say is Holy Cow (this is putting me into a cold sweat thinking about future birthdays). Does your mom hire herself out?

Amy said...

I agree - how are the rest of us ever suppossed to feel good about the parties that we throw? I am just kidding - sort of :) Lucky Bryanna - Happy Birthday!!!

Laurie said...

kaelyn is looking over my shoulder right now and she says, "Mommy, who is that fancy girl?" awww
She's into makeup and dress-up too (as any other 4 yr old!)

Kim Young said...

You are so talented!! You never know your cakes could end up being the next big thing like the cupcakery!

Sharlet said...

Wow that's a lot of work! And the cake turned out super cute!