Wednesday, April 29, 2009

love the ladies!

Here are some recent pictures of my Tennis Team. We had a wonderful day, playing in GORGEOUS weather, and hitting the ball well makes it even sweeter.

Monica, Debbie, Cindy

Reach for the sky! :)

Jen & I...we love being partners. Today we played really well together, even though we lost in the third set. Some days, your game is so on, but you still take a loss. I'd rather lose when I'm playing at my best any day!

Lois & Carroll played even better!

Last week, Cindy and Sherry pulled off a win in the third set...pheow!

Looking pretty!

Cindy has a killer forehand groundie...the girl can rip it!

Jen can smash her backhand groundies. I'm glad I play with her and not against her!

Shauna used to play at BYU-HI, and she took state back in the day. The girl has form unlike anyone I've ever played with!

Thanks to a fun day and a wonderful is my sanity!


The Petersons said...

I seriously had a dream about playing tennis last night! HA HA! Wish I could play with you, now THAT would be fun! :-)

Thanks for the crib net idea! I'm definitely going to get one TODAY!!!

Amy said...

Where do you play at? What do you do with your kids??? Looks like so much fun and a great thing to do with you sister and mom :)

Meghan Poort said...

Hey girl.. if you ever need a partner I would love to learn!! I know Debbie Gephardt from high school...