Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moving Sale

Just wanted to inform you all that we are having a moving sale this Saturday at our house starting around 7 am. We are selling a treadmill (a super nice one!), a desk, a couch, some dishes, clothes, toys, some scrapbooking supplies and lots of other miscellaneous things.

Also, if there is something you need to get rid of and want to sell it on Saturday, you are more than welcome. Just drop off your stuff first thing in the morning and if it doesn't sell, pick it up that afternoon! Everything we don't sell we are giving to DI, so this is just a way to make our DI load a little lighter. Pass the word if you are interested and hopefully we'll see you there:)

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Hawley Family said...

Oh BLAST!!! I saw this a little too late!! I have so much stuff to sell...ha ha...and I probably would have loved to look at your stuff!! We just barely cleaned out our garage...but since we are renting the "hoa" won't let us have a garage sale!! Poopy!! Hope it went well and you made some good dough!!