Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol!

So, now it's Tuesday, which means all the contestants for American Idol get to perform tonight!! When it first came out, (like in 2003?) I was so busy working and going to school, that I had no idea what it was until a girl at work gave me an extra ticket to come see the contestants perform at the MGM right after Kelly Clarkson won. I said, "Sure, why not?" But I really had no clue how big the show was and that a few years later it would be one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

This season, I have a couple of favorite idols. Brooke White, as you all know is LDS, and it is so great to see a Molly Mormon in the public eye! I love how she is so modest every week, and she exudes joy and happiness in her persona. She seems so perfect for the spotlight, hopefully she will stick to her roots, and keep strong in the gospel. I would LOVE to see her in the top 5 as well. Too bad I'm too tired to stay up and vote for her! Even if I do stay up until its over, the phone lines are so dang busy I can't ever get through.

One of my other favorite idols is David Archuletta...from Murray, Utah. I'm not sure if he is LDS too, but I'm assuming he is...correct me if I'm wrong. He has the same spirit about him that Brooke does, genuine and sweet. I admire the contestants for going through the ring of judgment fire each week, with a talent that big, it would be hard to hear so much criticism! But, isn't that the most interesting part? Mark and I love to hear the judge's remarks, because most of the time, Simon is so right on!!! Paula gives most of her comments with some padding, and Randy has a smooth way of calling girls 'man' and the guys 'dog'. SO funny!


Alexis said...

American Idol and Dancing with the stars are some of my favorite shows too. I always have the kids ready for bed so I can watch them without interruption. Thank goodness for DV-R though. It pains Wade to watch Dancing with the Stars and American Idol so sometimes I have to finish them the next day.

Hawley Family said...

Love them too!!! Ha ha - my favorites!!

The Mullins said...

Had to tell you that Brooke's Dad used to work for my Dad. They are good friends.