Friday, April 18, 2008

The Host

Stephanie Meyer, one of my favorite authors these days, is coming out with a new book May 6, 2008!! For any of you who read the Twilight series, this is right up your alley! I think she is such a wonderful writer, she reels you so well its hard to put her books down. This is a Sci-fi book...and FYI, I'm NOT a sci-fi person, never have been until I read this may tell you something about her talent...she is amazing and captures your attention immediately! So to learn more about this book, click here. I can't get enough of her books, I wish she had more coming out...oh wait...she does!!!

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Hawley Family said...

OH MY GOSH....YEAH YEA YEAH!! I am so excited...I AM TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH HER BOOKS TOO!! I think her movie is coming out soon too!! HOORAY!! Thanks for the heads up - I will be at the bookstore on May 6th!!