Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Fun Chart

I have been thinking of all sorts of things to do with my kids this summer, especially since school is out...TODAY! I found a list of wonderful ideas at The Crafting Chicks, which inspired me to create my own list of Summer fun with the kiddos. While browsing around, I happened on to this super cute Picnic Blanket from She Wears Flowers, {where she also had wonderful pictures of making over her art studio...and gave me plenty of ideas for our loft!}.

Our Summer Fun List:
1. Go Swimming at our Pool (a lot!)
2. Play at the Splash Park
3. Visit family in Utah
4. Visit family in Idaho
5. Go to Bear World while in Idaho
6. Visit the Library (hopefully that will be a weekly trip)
7. Teach Bryanna the basics of sewing by making her own picnic blanket!
8. Go to Disneyland
9. Fishing at the Cabin in Beaver Utah
10. Slip n slide in the back yard!
11. Make bird feeders for humming birds
12. Attend many a water slide parks
13. Attempt to go camping!
14. Take pictures of all our activities and make a scrapbook with them!
15. Go to the Beach House!
16. Watch a play at Spring Mountain Ranch with our picnic blankets.
17. Go to some Baseball games...the ultimate American summer fun!
18. Watch fire works
19. Slurpies
20. Stargazing
21. Read-A-Thon
22. Have a fun photo shoot with props!
23. Build forts and play in them!
24. Memorize a scripture
25. Have a bike/car wash
26. Squirt bottle tag
27. Make an obstacle course
28. Make sand castles
29. Dig for sand crabs
30. Make our own Popsicles!
31. Create hand/footprint artwork
32.Write & Illustrate your own story
33.Make a treasure map and go on a treasure hunt!
34. Go to the free movies at Town Square!
35. Paint
36. Write some Thank you notes
37. Make your own memory game
38. Go on bike rides
39. Go hiking behind our house
40.Go on a Scavenger Hunt
41. Homemade Movie nights!
42. Serve a Neighbor
43. Sleep on the Trampoline
44. Tour Anderson Dairy Ice Cream (yum!)
45. Have a Dance Party
46. Make a Family Tree
47. Zoo
48. Tour the Shark Reef
49. Go to M & M World
50. See the Conservatory at the Bellagio Hotel
51. Play Pretend Restaurant
52. Make an ABC book
53. Make homemade fingerpaints
54. Home-made fruit smoothies
55. Go on Roller coasters!
56. Write Messages with Invisible Ink!
57. Arby Splash Park
58. Eat at Sumo Sushi with the girls! (the BOYS don't like sushi!)
59. Go to the Drive In Movies!
60. Boating at Lake Mead

What are you doing this summer????


Me said...

Fun! Love all your ideas! I have a "Craft blog" that I did last year with TONS of ideas for activities and crafts! The link is at the top left hand side of my blog- "My Workbook" Have fun and come see us while you're in Utah!!!! :-)

Hill Family said...

What an awesome list. When are you going to be in Idaho? I would LOVE to see you and the family.

Patrick and Hollie Davis said...

Stacey you are so fun! We are in LV this summer and should get together for some mother/daughter tennis! Thanks for putting this up, I will have to add some of these to my list!