Saturday, June 4, 2011

End of Year.

I have been thinking of giving something to {b}'s Kindergarten teacher as the school year is coming to a close, and once I saw my friend's clipboard she was making for her kids' teachers, I knew this was the perfect thing! I already had this scrapbook paper in my stash, so for this project all I spent was: clipboard ($1.44 ea), red paint ($.97), modge podge ($6.78), and paint brushes ($.97) That's $11.60 for both teachers!! I must give thanks to Teri for also letting me pick through her ribbon collection to spruce up the clipboard. If she didn't let me have free range through all the ribbon, I would have gladly spent a little extra because the ribbon just sends this gift THROUGH the ROOF!!

Because this was my first time really doing a project with Modge podge, it was tricky in the beginning, but as soon as I figured out that you have to spread the glue on every surface (clipboard and paper) before you try to stick the paper on the clipboard, the air pockets disappeared!
  1. paint the edges and sides to match your paper & let dry.
  2. Cut your paper to size. You can be creative...using as many or as little paper as you like. I also used a corner rounder to get the corners just perfect.
  3. Start the mogde-podging! spread a think layer on the board and the backs of all the paper. Then fit them on accordingly. After you get them all on, spread the modge podge all over the tops of the paper. Press out any air pockets. Let dry. On the front side, I cut out the letters of her teachers names and glued them on a separate strip of paper, and pasted it with modge podge. Let dry.
  4.  Repeat step 3 on the back of the clipboard.
  5. Spread a layer of clear-dry Polyurethane over the front. Let dry. After completely dry, do it on the back. This gives it an extra shine and the finished texture is smooth.
  6. Tie on coordinating ribbon to the "clip" part of the clipboard. I tied double knots and I heated the ends of the ribbon so they don't frey.
This is the back of the clipboard. I fell in love with this paper and I love how "teacher-ish" it is. I can't WAIT to give {b}'s teachers these fun clipboards!! I want to make one for me now!

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