Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm going to First Grade!

Yup, {b} girl finished Kindergarten!! Holy smokes, I can't believe it. All the fun songs they were singing made me tear up today. I wish I could freeze time, put my kids in a bubble and always have them stay cute, little, innocent, funny, whimsical, ticklish and well, ya little peanuts forever!!

My pazzazzie {almost} 1st grader!
getting ready to get on stage
singing all the songs that made me cry! Boo hoo... I mean Hurray!
Miss Natalie, the aide to Bryanna's teacher. (and yes, she is wearing a timeless beads watch!)

Diploma stand for : moving on to bigger and better things. Like 1st grade. Personally, I think it doesn't get much better than Kindergarten!

Kendall, who lives around the corner from us, thankfully! We will still see all her friends at the community pool this summer, yay!
Beloved Mrs. K...we love you. I love you. Thank you for helping mold {b} girl this year. Thank you for being patient with her, and helping her develop into a helper, a go-getter, a reader, a mathematician, an artist, a speller, and most of all, a writer!
Pretty soon sweet Maddox will be in Mrs. K's class...hopefully not too soon. I still love him at home with me!
Proud Dad. Proud Mom.
One question....why do these two like each other already? don't they know they are only kindergartners????

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