Sunday, August 10, 2008

San Diego

Mark had a little convention for work in San Diego this past Friady, so we made a little family trip out of it! While he was "working" I went shopping...if you can believe it, Nordstrom was right down the street from our hotel, it was a little too surreal...I just love that department store, their children's department is my weakness...and found some really cute shoes for this preschool year that Bryanna will be starting (in just a couple of weeks)! After Mark got his fill in with the products and I got my fix at the mall, it was time to have some real fun!

We went to Mission Beach in San Diego...and it was a blast! Bryanna has a thing for the ocean and the tropical baby if you ask me! Maddox also LOVED the ocean, in fact, Mark and I had to save him a few times from just running straight into the waves!

We walked down the little strip mall and found a place for dinner...can you say one HUGE pizza slice? YUMM-O! Bryanna also got to get an ice cream cone...I think half made it into her mouth and the other half on her face! :)

Saturday we went to was fun, a little different than I imagined, but fun! I think I was getting ready to have the "Disneyland" experience, so not as magical as I was planning on. Bryanna had a total blast going on all the kiddie rides, but waiting in line for them was another story. For some reason she just didn't get the waiting in line was very frustrating for her (and me!).

But once we found some of the jungle gyms and water features, it helped her get out the wiggles, and cool all of us down!

I was pleasantly surprised that there were characters walking around. Bryanna melted when she saw the princess, and then the pirate too! It was a great trip, and so nice to get away from the hot desert for a few days!


Chrissy said...

How fun for you guys!! It seems like everyone is going to CA this summer, but me!! I guess I can wait until after the summer rush!! I am glad that Maddox's hand is better! It looked awful!!

Kara said...

Looks like a fun time! I would love to get out of Vegas right now and go to the beach!! We might go down there in a few weeks. Hopefully we'll miss some of the crowds.

The Petersons said...

AWWWW! You were in San Diego!? Too fun! So close and yet so far from us though, huh? It's like, San Diego seems like a totally different state than Orange County but it's only like 45 minutes away.. Looks like you guys had fun though! You'll have to come back in Sept or Oct and come with us to Disneyland. It's so not crowded after school starts! yay!

The Mullins said...

I was waiting for the phone call all day. Too bad! Sorry. Fat Boyz pizza is good, next time go around the corner to Luigi's they are even better!Looks like a fun time!

Carmell said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you could all go and make a family vacation out of it!

Kaerlig said...

We went to Legoland in May and then followed it up with Disneyland. Disneyland monopolizes all the magic in the world. Legoland was fun but just couldn't compare.