Tuesday, August 12, 2008

{the lake}

My mom requested to go to the Lake to celebrate her birthday...and it was SO FUN! I remembered to bring my camera this time, and I'm SO GLAD I did...

My mom AND dad got on the tube and was taken for a spin!! At first we had to do a little convincing for them to get on, but then they didn't want to get off! My dad kept yelling to Jen [the driver], "IS that ALL you GOT?" SO FUNNY!!! He suddenly turned into a teenager looking for adventure...like getting thrown off the tube was something fun!!

The water was as smooth as glass...no wind, the perfect lake day!

We all took turns on the tube...could we have planned a better day with weather to suit the birthday girl so wonderfully??

Playing on the beach, basking in the sun, soaking in the water, enjoying each other's company...sometimes I wonder how my life is so blessed? I feel so blessed and spoiled all at the same time...go figure!

Thanks Jen for taking us out...it was a blast!

I don't think we could have had more fun! With the exception of Mark and Obteen coming...somebody has to work around here!


The Petersons said...

Awww!How fun! I haven't been on a boat in I dont know how long! Talk about jealous!!!

Todd & Rakel Gardner said...

Oh I can feel my neck and arms aching just from you talking about the tube and getting bullied around. Those days are so much fun when you literally laughing so hard to can't breathe.

Angie said...

Okay, I'm not sure how old your mom is, but I can say that she still looks better in a swim suit than I ever have! By the way, you made a good point on my blog---I can criticize Stephenie Meyer's writing all I want, but she's the rich one!

Danielle said...

Oh Beach Days, aren't they great!!