Saturday, September 12, 2009

week 11

Has it really only been 11 weeks into this pregnancy? It feels twice as long as it really is. Regardless how slow the time seems to be going, its wonderful to see the baby doing well and no new issues, the old ones are still lurking about. His arms and legs grew super long (comparatively speaking...I mean how long can they really be right about now? At least they don't look like stubs!) And he measured two days bigger than normal, so quite the growth spurt this past week. Because there is nothing new, I can wait two weeks to go back to the doctor!

On to other news, I am proud to say that my little Maddox is fully and completely potty trained, with accidents few and far between! This last week, he has made leaps and bounds. I've been potty training him the entire summer, and he has done a great job, but regressed every time we went on vacation (which was a bummer, but the beach was well worth it both times!) He made a trip to the pediatrician a few weeks ago because his eczema had gotten out of hand. I feel bad for the him because it stings and itches and it makes him especially crabby. The doctor said he'd most likely have it all through his childhood but would eventually grow out of it. So for now, we are putting cortisone cream on with some aquaphor twice a day (who knows for how long we have to do it!).

Another happening this week was our garage/my car got broken into Tuesday night. The thieves took my cell phone (of all things), my radar detector and our $400 pressure washer that was sitting in our garage. If anything makes my blood boil, its dishonest, nAsTy, crooked, disgusting ( get the idea...) people who have no respect for others or themselves. So I have a new phone now, but lost all my contacts...all of my wonderful old and new friends & relatives, phone numbers that I need very much! So to replace them, PLEASE, please, PLEASE email me your phone numbers, so I can stay in contact with you. Whoever took my phone I hope feels at least a tinge of guilt (if not now, day) and wants to apologize, because its such a pain in my neck!! It would make me feel better anyway.

If the culprit is reading this, I want my things back. And to everyone else reading this, email me your phone number!


Julie Noorda said...

I'm sorry to hear that you got your stuff stolen!! That really bites! I am glad, however, to hear that baby is doing well and that Maddox is potty trained! Wahoo! Your blog design is cute!

The Marsden 4 said...

I'm glad baby #3 is still healthy and strong. Everytime I see that you updated I get a little nervous.

London has bad exzema too, I have found that 1/2 cortizone cream 1/2 Eucerin has worked the best. I'll have to try your mix :)