Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my man

Happy Birthday to the.... daddy...he's always playing with the kids, spending lots of quality time with them. The kids just LOVE their daddy! Last night we gave mark his presents to him, and they were clothes, so he gave us a very fun and entertaining fashion show!! Thanks honey! hubby...he's alwas putting me first and I can't thank him enough. He's been extra attentive during this pregnancy and I don't think I'd be able to make it if it weren't for all his help with the kids and around the house. best friend...we have the best conversation, and we alway seem to get each other laughing and giggling hysterically. Isn't that what a best friend is for? Thanks for all the great laughs and silly moments that truly make it a blast to be married to my best friend.

Doesn't he get to have the coolest birthdate ever today? 09/09/09.

Last night we celebrated early, and went to dinner at bootlegger (yummo!) and then we went and both got massages (...hey, he needed some moral support getting a massage). I felt like a million bucks when I woke up this morning. I think I need a massage every night!

Happy Birthday Mark!

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Me said...

Awww! I could totally go for a massage! Happy Birthday Mark! You DO have the coolest birth date! :-)