Monday, March 2, 2009

Little Pastry Chefs

It all started off with decorating your cake box! Bryanna & Birthday Girl, Abby!

Next they rolled out their very own pizza dough...

Topped it with sauce, cheese and pepperoni!

Dad and Jamie

While the pizza was baking, they got to have a little creative fun with all different colors of the icing!

Lexy's masterpiece

Abby's artwork
Now here comes the fun!!

Dallyn frosts like a pro!

They aren't having any fun!

A three year old's dream come true!
Finished cake to match the real thang!
Happy Birthday Abby!!


Allred Family said...

WOW......Looks like TOO much fun!!!!! What a great idea for a birthday party. The picture of Bryanna licking the spatula is GREAT, Looks like she had a WONDERFUL time!!!!

The Petersons said...

WHat an awesome party! I would love to go to a party like that! When's your birthday!? ha ha jk!

Julianne said...

Oh, we're gonna have to make a stop at the LPC when we come to visit. We've done the character cupcakes there, but not the actual activities...looks like fun for everyone.