Thursday, March 5, 2009

the artist

Just about everyday, Bryanna asks to pull out the water color and get her imagination going. I would frett over getting it out and having yet another mess to clean up after, but she has gotten so into it lately, how could I resist? I remember when I 'liked' to paint. It only lasted through childhood. I am, by far, the least talented person with any artistic ability when it comes to drawing or painting, and I'm totally OK with that. It just isn't there, and to be honest, I don't have any patience for what is there. Interestingly enough, my other three sisters are very creative and artistic in many different ways. And some of Mark's siblings are very artistic as well. I anticipate what her artistic energy holds for her in the future. As for now, I love that she has the desire to paint every day. It's a great activity for her growing brain and it gives her something to do while Maddox is napping. Usually they are side by side, playing the day away, and sometimes she protests his necessary nap. (I will not give into that one! I love nap/paint time!)

"Z Artiste"

This one she painted for Maddox, very thoughtful!

This one is for me, thanks sweet Bryanna!

This one belongs to Mark (lucky daddy!)


The Petersons said...

Awww! Totally sweet!

Amy said...

It is really hard to get motivated to get out all of the paint stuff for one child. But it looks like it is worth it!

The Fords said...

Your kids are just so dang darling.

Anonymous said...

I just love this post Stacy! The kiddos were making so many creations that our walls were full and I had to start taking photos. I made a collage for the designer last July and plan on doing one each year. So much fun. Luvs to Z artist Bryanna and her beautiful family!