Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, since I missed Thanksgiving & Christmas, might as well start with the present! January always gives me a fresh start for our family in keeping goals, and sticking to a better routine with scripture study, more family time and chore charts! With that said...It's been super busy here at the Perry household and quite frankly, I look forward to the days that I don't have much to do. That's when I can do all the fun stuff, like make baby blankets, or some craft.

Most recently I made "scripture bags" for the Sun Beams I teach. They were so much fun to make and extremely simple. (I can do simple!) I got the idea from, a wonderful source for my lessons and activities each Sunday.

I went to a fabric store and got clear plastic vinyl. (it was about 1 1/4 yards worth, we have 16 sunbeams! and I wanted a few extra to make for my kids, too!). I got felt, and by freehand just drew the first letter of their name and then sewed it on first.

 I also got matching ribbon for the handles and sewed them on each of the corners before stitching the sides up. The handles were the most time consuming, and once those were done, finishing the side seam was quick!
For the embellishing, I found some cute felt stickers to dress up the bags. For the girls, I found ladybugs, bumble bees and butterflies. For the boys I found fish and dinosaurs. I wished I took pictures of them all before I gave them away just to show the Ladybug was so cute with the red & black!

Now my kids have every excuse to remember their scripture bag and to get in the habit of bringing it to Church every Sunday!


Celeste said...

cute bags! love them!

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