Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yes. I'm an Addict. I can't help it when I see so many wonderful recipes, organizational tips, paper crafts, desserts with a twist or a make-over on a piece of old furniture. I just HAVE to pin them all!! And then it inspires me to get my creativity juices flowing, and that can be dangerously fun. With all the Valentine's floating around Pinterest, I just couldn't wait to do another paper project, or for that matter, bust open my new Sillhouette Cameo!! (*sigh*) I still have a LOT to learn, and thanks to a good friend for showing me the basics (similar to a cricut, but better in a sense that I can create whatever I want with the program it comes with!)
 I can't wait to do the next project! (picture found here.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Caitlin said...

looks great! I haven't opened the box of my new silhouette yet . . . i know there's so much potential in that box - need more hours of the day! :)

and bumps and bruises are painful to see, but we learn, right? i've seen a few major ones here, and it is tough to see and not worry. thank goodness for indestructible kids.