Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disneyland trip Part I

We did it again! Disneyland, that is! Our favorite place this past year, and what a fun getaway it has been for our family. I loved having annual passes and I am sad they expired. BUT, that means we will have different vacations this next year and still the same amount of fun!
 Starting off the trip, we went straight over to Midway Mania per Maddox's request!
 Then the merry-go-round for Cali!

 Screamin' was for Bryanna! To say that she loves this ride would be an understatement!
 And I go on it with her, because I love her!
 As you can tell by my face in the picture, it can give me a slight headache at the end!
 With all that we did in the first 30 minutes, you could say it was equivalent to drinking a coke for breakfast...who needs caffeine when there's pure adrenaline?

 I think the roller coaster developers created Tower of Terror just for me. I love this ride!
 Maddox goes on it with me, but I'm not sure he loves it like I do! lol!
 Cali loves the churros!
 Mark's favorite ride...the wet Grizzly River Raft!
 I love Disneyland because we bond in fun ways together! I love this place!

 Redwood Creek park fun!

 Disneyland, here we come!
 I think it was best Cali didn't take a picture with Jack, since she didn't even like Mickey Mouse!

 Heading over to Tom Sawyer's island!

 And going back!

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