Sunday, October 30, 2011


Time has just gotten away from me, I can't believe how I let almost 4 months go by with out blogging!! Sheesh! I guess its just one of the things that gets put off last. We have been busy and I almost feel overwhelmed sometimes with how much is going on. Can I even pick up a book to read? I think not... Which is truly sad. I love to read and I feel guilty picking up a book when I have sooo much to do.

I have started yet another side business {petal hats} to add to the bracelet watches that I make. It has been absolutely INSANE! I am so grateful to my family who come to my rescue to create new hats when orders have come in too fast for me to get them all done. I have been selling at home parties and fall festivals just about every week sometimes twice in a week!

First grade has been wonderful for Bryanna. I love how she has matured and developed into a young lady, which was leaps and bounds from Kindergarten. She amazes me with her wit, but more importantly I see how compassionate and kind she is with her classmates. The moment she steps off the bus, I get an ear full of how her day went, Bryanna is a wonderful little student and it warms my soul to know how much she enjoys being at school learning from {& with her} friends. I look at her and I see myself all over again!

Maddox genuinely enjoys preschool this year. He loves his teacher and has lots of fun learning! Doing homework this year is helping his writing come along and his reading. He has play dates with his buddies everyday after preschool and I think it has been wonderful in developing his little personality and social skills!

Cali has turned into a Daddy's Girl as Mark has had the priviledge of working from home. It has given me a little bit of freedom in which I don't have to find someone to tend the kids while I go play tennis twice a week! Cali is such a sweet heart and I feel so lucky to have her big spirit in our home!

I am a lucky {crazy busy} mom....and wouldn't trade my life for a high-powered career...ever.

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