Friday, July 29, 2011

Its Fishing Time!

Here it is. Beautiful Tri Creek. Our family's favorite fishing spot. What more majestic scenery to fish in than this?

Daddy, getting all the poles ready!
Baby C above and Baby J friends!

My her so much!
Goofy kids!

Uncle J...this is his favorite thing ever!

My beautiful sis...and my baby C. BTW, she is 6 months preggers with a boy! YAY!
My favorite people in the world!

Folks....he caught a fish! I think it was the only one of the trip...or two!
like father like son!
the kids had a total blast!
Aunt J and her college rommie...enjoying some nature at that!

I think we have some posers on deck!

S'mores time!
Sissy time!

one last hook of the line before packin' it in!

Lacrosse time! Thanks James for showing M boy how to play!


Kara said...

Looks like such a fun trip! With your whole family- btw it sure is growing! You're parents are getting quite the number of grandkids! So, is this place up by the cabin? Brings back some very fun fishing memories catching so many fish. Then your dad made us clean them all- gross! Then playing mafia, and games in the cabin at night. Good times!

kozue said...

Hi, Stacy! It's nice to see the faces of your beautiful family. I was thinking of you today. You know, it was almost 10 years ago when your family generously shared Thanksgiving week with me and Luke visiting. I love your family!