Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gone Fishing!

We had a fabulous time going fishing this last weekend! Good ol' Utah always gives us a good time in their ponds!

Bryanna's first catch on her new Barbie pole!

Mark...just getting started for the weekend!

She's looking like a pro already!

Maddox's first catch on his Spiderman pole!

This girl has got the fishing thing down!

And so do the dogs!!
Jamie is giving Maddox a little bribery for some kisses!! He's very picky about giving away his kisses!

Posing with the pole!
We not only caught the fish, but cleaned them and cooked them tin foil style!

it was yum yum!

telling camp fire tales

Maddox and his silly face with his daddy!

He's a pro too!

Baby Cali did her baby thing...she was cute, adorable and full of sweetness!

There's the man that started it all! Thanks bumpa for a really fun weekend!

Cali is the sweetest thing ever!


Me said...

So fun! Utah really is pretty cool! Nothing like my so cal roots, but so far it's treating me good! :-) Fishing is the best!

Julianne said...

I love all of these pictures and that your kids caught their own fish!! Love the Jamie bribing Maddox picture too! I have to do the same to one of our nephews!