Friday, June 25, 2010

the beach

Well, another great vacation has come and gone. Here's what our week entailed:
Laying out on the beach
Reading good books
Swimming in the ocean
Catching some waves
Eating ice cream
Going out to our favorite spots for dinner
Relaxing, chilling
or just...chilaxin'
Our first day on the beach, Bryanna got right down to business...

Bryanna's favorite cousins wearing matching hats, what adorable cutie pies!

SSSSHHHH, don't tell anyone how cute these girls are!

Baby Cali's first beach trip! This sweet little baby was so good, she kept to her routine and slept through the night. Cali would agree we all had a fantastic trip!

Bryanna was the popsicle queen...seriously!

And getting some smashball action in too!

Maddox was the chocolate milk King!

And Cali was the smile queen, boy did she give us a good talkin' to, telling us all about baby stuff!

The San Clemente beach was our favorite spot. When the kids weren't playing in the sand, they were swinging. And they did a heck of a lot of swinging!

Thank goodness for the older cousins who didn't mind pushing most of the time!

Me, Jamie and Mom....beach bums we are!

Didn't I say we had a queen of smiles on our hands???

The cutest onesie, and very appropriate, too!

these two cousins have developed into the best babysitters ever!

And these two kids had the time of their life!
(You can't tell, huh!)

Our favorite spot for ice cream....yummo!

The guys givin' us a gun show!!

Beautiful babes...and matching, too!

my Nana with all the grandkids...we are so glad Nana and Grandpa decided to come down afterall. Old age ain't for took alot of talking to, to get them packed up and in the car.

Jamie and her girlfriends...and the was a rockin' good time!

Daddy with his was so nice to see Mark for a consecutive 7 days!! Now that he is Elder's Quorum President, we won't be seeing so much of him, especially on Sundays!

And my favorite view...daddy playing with the kids...all...the...time!

Best of Buds!

Playing chicken with the waves! Maddox was a giggling fool!

Digging for Sand crabs

Princess Cali and her cute little self...she was the best baby (still is)

Also a favorite thing of mine...doing nothing!

buried alive!

Eating inside at Fisherman's Wharf...Mark and I shared some crab was delicious!
One last picture in front of our favorite spot on earth (besides home)

And so goes the photo session....

Finally, we got a keeper!
And to end the trip we hit the OC swap personal favorite place to get the best deals on practically everything!
Dad and Grandpa finishing up some carnitas!!
That's all folks...


Kara said...

I should have known you guys were at the beach! I wondered what happened to you! Cali is getting so big and chubby! I love her smiles and I love the brown flowery dress. I'm glad to hear she's such a good baby. makes it a little more encouraging to have a third kid! Not saying I am ready, but not so freaked out about it. You can handle it right?

Me said...

So fun! Awww! I miss the beach so much!!!!! Wish I could have gone with you! :-) Your kids looked like they were in absolute HEAVEN! Maddox's hair is WHITE! So cute! I can't believe Mark is the new EQ pres! I'll be praying for you! :-) Good luck with all of that but it looks like life couldn't get any better!