Friday, May 14, 2010

8 weeks

Baby Cali is growing and getting so big!! She is such a joy and a sweeheart to have in our home. Bryanna and Maddox love her and now that she is smiling, its so much fun to see her sweet little face light up! And not to mention her cute, chubby rolls on her leggies!!! Now, with all her cuteness, if only she were sleeping 8 hours! She regularly gets 6 hours in the first block at night, but boy! Wouldn't I be a new woman if I got a continuous 7-8 hours??? Mark would definitely agree!!


Kara said...

So, is the Baby Wise thing not working for you this time around or maybe you just have a "normal" child who doesn't normally sleep through the night at 6 weeks like your other kids!! I am sorry, but I don't feel too bad for you getting 6 hours! That's more than I got for 9 months with Jackson!

Kaerlig said...

She is a cutie!

Sorry about the sleeping thing. The first time my son slept 6 hours (at 6 months!--thanks to preemies feedings like a bird) I felt like a new woman. But I am totally a 7-8 hours kind of woman.

Melinda Stender said...

I agree, didn't get 6 hours for a long time with my little one, that is pretty great for 8 weeks, but the 7-8 hours does feel sooooo nice.