Saturday, May 15, 2010

Smiles!! Among other things

Here she is, Ear to Ear!!

The kids are crazy about her...can you tell?

I think I forgot to mention a funny. The first week Cali was home, Bryanna said to me, "Mom, I wish you could die so that I could take care of baby Cali!" Thanks least I know you love you sister!

A few weeks ago, I went on a walk with my sister with my kids and our dogs...we came to feed the ducks, and our dogs almost got a snack out of it, too! They jumped into the water and swam after the ducks!!

My mom and I went to Michael's and bought some beautiful silk flowers to arrange in this gorgeous vase I have, just something fun for Spring and I don't have to worry about watering it!

Maddox got into my mom's dental chair to get his teeth cleaned...but alas, I was the only one who walked outta there with a sparkly, clean mouth!

He's just too cute sitting in the chair.

Home improvement segment:

When we got our new TV, the media niche shelf had to be knocked out and moved up to fit everything. I have to say I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to have a new cabinet to hide all our electronics with their more an eye sore!! And to make it even sweeter, the plant on the right side I bought at Michael's. Guess how much I spent? Well, the tag was $39.99...and yes, I was willing to fork out 40 bucks to get it. Well, it rang up for a whopping $1.99!! The lady at the register didn't believe it, rang it up for different times and called management up just to make sure...they gave it to me for was my lucky day, and happened to be my birthday weekend anyway!!

Another wonderful thing Mark finished recently....before we had wooden spindles. Thanks to Bryanna, she kicked one out and let's just say it was a safety issue when Cali would become mobile. So we didn't get mad, but actually thanked the big sister so we could use that as an excuse to do what we've been wanting to do all along! Iron!

Here it is stained and finished!


Me said...

Cali is so precious!!! And the house looks fantastic! I love home improvements!

Michelle and Andrew said...

i love all the updates, that is so funny about bryanna and wanting you to die. i am really impressed with your husbands handy-ness can you send him over i have grand ideas for my house :) Cali is a doll!

Coco, Lui and Baylee said...

yeah, i'll be at church tomorrow...i'll try to find her business card

Coco, Lui and Baylee said...

i couldn't find her card, but here's her website...

for real, i think every child should have this training. i'm gonna do it with brax next summer. peace of mind.

Lindsay said...

What's with Bryanna and dying??? So funny.

Melinda Stender said...

I love that picture of cali smiling, such a cutie!