Saturday, December 12, 2009

This Season...

has been full of EVERYTHING!!! I am going full speed as the count down to Christmas is less than 13 days. WOW, where has the time gone? I'll tell you....if I could remember. I have been doing something every night for the past two weeks. It is time spent wisely, but it is busy, busy, busy. I have barely had time to think about blogging (which is a guilty pleasure of mine, I find I could always be doing something more productive than sitting on the computer blogging, but alas, I do it anways!)

I am grateful for this month to reflect daily on why I am so busy serving, doing, baking, cooking, decorating, addressing 100 envelopes...etc. Because I have been given much, I too must give. My heart overfloweth with love for my Savior. Mark and I slipped away last night to the Temple, and it was the best date we've been on in a while. We have much to do, but nothing better than temple work.

I have opened up to the New Testament and read the story of Christ's birth in Luke:2. It has helped me during the rush of this holiday season, finding the small and quiet moments when the spirit can speak to my heart and give me the stamina to keep up the pace. I don't think I've had a busier Christmas season in my life, ever. And I don't recommend it either. I am happy to be in the moment, but I am also looking forward to the New Year and welcoming our baby girl into the family.

The pregnancy is going well. The baby is growing and so am I! I am 6 months and my prego belly still doesn't look quite pregnant. But, I'm ok with not being so obviously pregnant, mostly because I'm not at that extremely uncomfortable stage yet. I am doing well with the weight gain so far...I'm really trying NOT to gain...but its inevitable. And if I haven't told everyone already, we are having a GIRL!!! We named her Cali, and set up her crib in her room already...and we all affectionately call it "Cali's room". Just by doing that has turned it all real for me. I am excited to start shopping for crib bedding and fabric...and once I get the color scheme going we will do some fun painting in her room. I have lots of baby girl clothing I kept from when Bryanna was a baby, but we have gotten rid of the infant car seat, so I am keeping an eye out for a good deal on a new one. It will be nice to have Christmas over and behind me so I can focus on preparing for Cali to come. I feel like my to-do list is a mile long, but I am happy to "do" it nonetheless!

Mark has helped with organization this week. He put in more shelving in ALL FIVE closets!! He is simply amazing and I am so grateful for this quality he has of being so handy and actually putting his talent to use around our house. He gets things done in no time! I am truly blessed to have him as my husband. He has dealt with a wild and crazy pregnant lady for the past 6 months...and that's putting it lightly. With the economic storm, he has felt more financial pressure than ever before, and it has been hard on both of us (and me with my prego hormones doesn't make for a good combo!). I know we can weather this storm, but some days it feels overwhelming. Even at the same time, I know there have been several BIG blessings that have come from this hard economic year, and I need to count those blessings everyday. I thank Mark for working hard and some days not feeling the compensation from it, and I thank him for getting up every morning ready to conquer a new day and putting on a can-do attitude to get us through. I love him so much.

It's a wonderful life and I am so blessed.


Julianne said...

Love this post...counting blessings, baby Cali...and I feel the same way you do when it comes to Mark (and Scott as well) getting up every morning with a good attitude, when at times it would be so easy to go the exact opposite direction! Yay for husbands that keep going even when it gets tough.

Lindsay said...

Your family photo is so cute! And love the name Cali, by the way. You were awesome this last month.