Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few days after Christmas...

I had been cleaning the aftermath of "our christmas"...and you could see, there was a huge tornado that came through our house and left presents and wrapping paper in its trail, and it carried throughout the entire house. So yes, the next couple of days I spent organizing the new toys, and going through closets making room for new clothes....and you can imagine getting lots of help from everyone else....NOT!

To get to the point....while I was napping with a headache on Sunday afternoon trying to recover from Christmas, my sweet, innocent 4-year old got to some SCISSORS upstairs ....and my sweet husband (although that day I wouldn't describe him as sweet, I was blaming him completely for this) was DOWNSTAIRS. As I could hear her up in the loft playing, I got out of bed to see what she was up to. There was hair ALL OVER THE COUCH, and I asked her what she cut, she showed me it was a new barbie Santa left her. The Diamond Castle Barbie now had a new bob thanks to her barber shop skills. Bryanna's hair was up in a a bundle of ponytails, so I didn't worry, EVERYTHING looked fine.

We got to my sister's house for dinner and just as we said the blessing over the food, I could see in a new light where the scissors had done some damage. She cut through one of her little ponytails!!!! I was so angry, mostly at my husband because he was supposed to be watching her.

After a not so great of a night's sleep, and a day of still being angry, but then giving in when Mark scheduled a massage for me...the damage is done, and hair is hair. It will grow again, and where she cut isn't as noticable as I was horrifcally imagining it would be.

And yes, she is wearing some eye shadow and lipstick Santa left for her in her stocking!
That's just a small amount of hair that I managed to pull up and snap a picture of. Now I'm even more grateful she was born with those curls, to hide all the short pieces!



Micah E. said...

That's funny! And tragic.

At least it was hair and not fingers!

Kara said...

What kid doesn't try to cut their own hair? Like you said, at least it was just a little and it's easy to cover up with the rest of her hair. That's pretty funny though, that she cut her Barbie's hair first. Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas. I feel the same way about the tornado and we didn't even spend Christmas in our house. I have NO room for any more toys and I'm going crazy trying to keep every little thing out of Jackson's mouth!

Amy said...

My mom swears that EVERY kid attempts to cut their hair at least once. At least now you have it out of the way!

Mike and Heather said...

I used to cut my hair in little sections when I was younger. My mom actually specifically gave me perms to cover up the damage! It's just a normal thing, but hopefully out of the way!