Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our christmas...

...was filled with a wonderful visit from Santa, AND a visit from Robin, Mark's "half" brother from Germany. We love having Robin stay with us, and glad to have him in our lives after a decade of Mark and him not keeping in great touch. Robin lived with Mark during high school as a foreign exchange student.

Maddox loves playing swords and nerf guns with Robin...he made for a really nice target!!

Mark was Bryanna's favorite playmate, he was Ken as she was Barbie playing with her new Barbie Hot air balloon.

Our favorite part was just laying around, playing and having fun, enjoying one another. That is always the best part of Christmas, loving each other and showing it even more as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Evidence that Santa really comes down the chimney and leaves fun things in our stockings...Bryanna and Maddox were beyond JOY and EXCITEMENT this morning. Christmas is so wonderful to see and live it through your children's eyes. This was by far the most enjoyable Christmas with our children, for they are at the perfect age were they grasp the holiday and embrace it!

Merry Christmas!!


Me said...

What a wonderful Christmas! Your house looks amazing!!!

Amy said...

Your house does look beautiful! How fun to have Mark's "brother" come!

Michelle and Andrew said...

Mark must've loved playing barbies! he looked like he was enjoying himself a lot. what a good sport.