Saturday, February 7, 2009

pure. joy.

Bryanna got into my makeup, right as we were leaving for dance class. I always know when she is doing something naughty, for she is hiding and won't come out. I just left her cute lips just the way I found her and we were off. She was pretty responsible with my lip gloss, she handed it back over with the lid screwed on tight and I was very relieved to find the wand only touched her lips, and not my carpet or the walls or her clothes. She's not really known to make those sort of messes, but you never know the mischief behind her sweet, innocent little eyes! The kids were sitting side by side on the coffee table, watching one of their favorite cartoons. It was so sweet, how they were quite casual about sitting on my furniture that isn't for resting your gluteous maximus on! And Bryanna in one of her many dress-up costumes. Just another day in the Perry home with Bryanna waltzing around in puffy sleeves and a twirly skirt!
I clearly remember stomping through the puddles on a rainy day as a child. I love the rain, how it cleanses the earth and brings such fresh scents to the somewhat polluted air in Las Vegas. I was watching Bryanna out the window today and had to capture what a treasure it is to see her enjoy the rain so much. All I could think of while witnessing her explore the wet earth was 'she is pure. she is joy.'

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