Friday, October 10, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

I love to cook, but I love to bake. When the fall weather sets in, I find myself baking more. I love to bake cookies of all sorts, cakes, cheesecakes, bundt cakes, birthday cakes...the decorating is the fun part there, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, you name it, I love to bake it!

It all started with baking peanut butter cookies when I was 11 or so, and my mom would take them into the Dental Office where she worked, and everyone raved about them. So my mom would ask me to bake them every couple of months or so, and it just became fun and enjoyable, especially when they came out of the oven!

During the month of December I do a ton of baking. This year I am going to host another cookie exchange in my ward, baking 12 dozen cookies (yes, that's 144 cookies!) and wrap up each dozen to give to the other 11 women who come with their 12 dozen. Then you get home and divide all the different kinds of cookies to give away to neighbors or to the sisters you visit teach, and save some for your own family!

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast while we watched Conference last weekend. I got this recipe from Janeen Donat, and I think its the best recipe of all the different kinds I've baked! If you can't tell what part Bryanna like's best...well, it's the icing! Heck, that kid loves sugar!


2 packages of yeast (or 4 ½ tsp.)
1 tsp. sugar
1 cup warm (not hot) water
1 can evaporated milk at room temperature
2/3 cup melted butter
3/4 cup sugar
4 tsp. salt
6-8 cups of flour
raisins (optional)
cinnamon-sugar mix
brown sugar

Mix the first 3 ingredients. Add the next 5 ingredients to make dough. Let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Turn the dough onto floured surface and knead vigorously by hand or use a dough hook, until smooth and elastic. Slap the dough on the counter several times to remove air bubbles. Place in a large greased bowl, grease the top, and place in a warm (not hot) oven for an hour. Roll out the dough in the shape of a rectangle on a floured surface. Spread liberally with butter. Sprinkle with raisins (optional), and lots of cinnamon-sugar mix and a little brown sugar. Roll up & slice into 1 ½ inch slices. Heath oven to 400 degrees and then down to 350 degrees and bake for 15-20 minutes. When rolls are done, frost immediately with cream cheese frosting.


1 package powdered sugar
½ cup butter, melted
8 oz package of cream cheese, softened

With an electric mixer, combine all of the powdered sugar and butter and enough milk to make a stiff frosting. Add softened cream cheese and mix on high for 1 minute. Then add more milk for preferred consistency.


Shannon said...

Oh wow, that looks good!!! Thanks for sharing. :) I haven't made home made cinnamon rolls in years. Tyler & I will have to make a project out of this.

Amy said...

I would love to say that baking is fun, but I HATE IT!!! Those cinammon rolls do look good though!

Danielle said...

Mmmmmmm! That looks so yummy!! I like to bake when I get in the mood. I went WAY overboard last Christmas and havent done much since. I wore myself out. I am going to have to try that recipie. And just a fun tip for cinnamon rolls... if you use dental floss to cut them they dont get squished. Put the floss under the roll and then pull both sides up and over so it just slices it that way. It is super easy.
Thanks again for the recipie!

The Almanza Family said...

Wow!! Looks soo yummy! Im definately going to try that recipe. i love when people blog about recipes>> Or course its new stuff, but you get great tips like Danielle and the dental floss =) Thanks Guys!!

Julie Noorda said...

How fun to learn that you love to bake! I think your ward cookie exchange is such a great idea! Cinnamon rolls are my weakness! I've never made them from scratch before tho so I am going to have to try this recipe! Thanks for the pictures, that's what sold me!

Jenn said...

These look amazing! I can't wait to try them- thanks for sharing :)