Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some helpful foods...

So on my little quest for swimwuit preparations I have resorted back to some of my favorite snacks and foods that help me supress my appetite.

1. Boca Burgers...they taste great and they are so good for you. They are Soy protein Vegi burgers, and are only 1 point for the Flex plan on Weight watchers. I eat it with a slice or two of bread (whole grain) and it ends up being about a 2 or 3 points total.

2. Whole wheat pasta...We have it for dinner two or three times a week and then I eat left overs for lunch the next day. It tastes great, and I still get my fill in of carbs!

3. Weight Watchers ice cream treats...I bought every kind and they are perfect for my sweet tooth. I think the most important thing for me as I am doing this is to not feel deprived and cut off from all my favorite foods. Being able to eat one a day is bliss!

4. Fruit...I just love all the fruit that is in season right now. Grabbing an apple or an orange, watermelon or pinneapple, does wonders for my hunger pains!!! Three cheers for fresh fruit:)

5. Whole Grain snacks....like whole grain gold fish crackers...and multi grain tostitos chips...low fat wheat thins...the varieties are endless!

If anyone else has some favorite health snacks, please share, I'm always looking for a new treat!


Kara said...

I love Baked Tostitos and SALSA!!! SAlsa is 0 points! Amen to the W.W. ice cream- those are the BOMB!!!

Natalie said...

Some other teats that I loved were:
Skinny Cows
Healthy Choice Bars (they rock!!!!)
Baked Sour Cream and Chedar Chips with Cottage cheese to dip them in.

Do you have the cook book yet? It is great!!!!


Julie Noorda said...

Thanks for sharing those helpful foods! One of my favorite snacks is frozen grapes (red seedless are the best). They keep a lot longer than fresh grapes and they are a cool treat for summer : )

Heather said...

great list! I would have to say that my foods that help me though the day are...

-94% Fat Free Kettle Korn, a little salty, a little sweet and you can have the whole bag for two points!!
-Pickles, weird I know, bu they 0 points
-Sara Lee mini bagels 1 point with my strawberry freezer jam 0 points.
-Fiber One yogurt, 1 point
- Fiber One granola bars, 2 points but great for a snack on the run.

Hawley Family said...

I love Lowfat WHEAT THINS!! MMM..yummy! We also love GOLDEN SPOON!!!