Thursday, May 1, 2008

All settled...but not for long...

Well, we are out of our house and it is all ready for our renters. It was relieving but sad at the same time. We finished up everything today...and all the cleaning wasn't as bad as I thought was going to be, well maybe I need a day at the spa now:) Thanks to everyone who came and helped us load the U-haul. The kicker was having all of the Young Men come over for their activity that night to help was the best crew ever!!! And to all the other guys who helped carry the heavy stuff...sorry we didn't live in a one story:) Thank you, we couldn't have done it with out all that help. We appreciated it so much.

We finally get to sign tomorrow for our house and it will coincide with my birthday, what a great b-day present!!! I couldn't have planned it better myself:) In the mean time, we are settled in at my parent's house...just until we get our keys. They are great to let us stay with them. Bryanna is LOVING playing with the baby puppies and jumping on the trampoline. Her cousins are right around the corner, so how convenient is that? It's so wonderful to have tons of help with my kids too!

I don't know how we'd get through this small trial without great family and friends. I have felt the Lord's love so much this week even though everything hasn't gone according to my plan. I think the Lord has his ways of humbling us, and letting me know it's not really my plan that's kind of funny to think we are a bit homeless right now...ha ha! I've been joking with my dad saying he probably didn't think I'd move back in after I got married...but they are great and have welcomed us with arms wide open.

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Natalie said...

I am excited for you guys!!! And Happy Birthday!!!!! That is a great birthday prestent indeed. I hope your day is wonderful and I think you really should push for the spa. LOL.