Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter...

The kids had an absolute blast this year!! Here is our easter at home!

Bryanna begs for press on nails every time we go to the the easter bunny granted that wish!
She's not at all excited over it!

And what easter is complete without some peeps and cadbury eggs??

Maddox loved his tansformers, candy and coloring book!

And the ultimate egg hunt on top of my parents' waterfall!

that peter rabbit is clever, clever, clever!!

my nephew Dallyn is giving a heroic effort in trying to get the most impossible egg ever!! Watch the video for some funny stuff!


Me said...

That waterfall egg was pretty funny! I'm jealous of your shorts out there in Vegas! Fun Easter!!!

Julianne said...

Happy Easter to you all! I love looking at pictures of happy kids!

Where do you find Bryanna's nightgowns? They look so silky and soft.

Allred Family said...

Looks like so much fun, The kids look so Happy I LOVE IT!!!! i am so Jealous of all that Warm Weather TOO!!!! Glad you enjoyed it :)