Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy 6th Anniversary!! WOW how time flies, especially when we're having fun!
Here's to 6!!
6 fantastic trips (2 to Hawaii, 3 Mexican Riveria Cruises, 1 trip to the East Coast)
5 Cars through our marriage, but thank goodness we only have 2 now. I don't think our neighbors would like us having 5 cars sitting out front our house!
4 Houses...a curse and a blessing in this recession...I'd like to think through rose colored glasses...definitely a blessing!
3 kids who are the center of our universe...what would we do without these sweet, beautiful children who Heavenly Father sent especially to us???
2 big rennovations on our current house, surprised I lived through each one without a nervous breakdown...(actually was worth living through to have more space and a nicer kitchen now!)
1 dog...we love you Putter!
Now if only we could get our skinny bodies back we had 6 years ago today...a work in progress!

Happy Anniversary Honey...its been the best 6 years of my life!

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Kara said...

Happy Anniversary! can't believe it's been 6 years- seems like just yesterday. 4 houses? What's the fourth one? That's a lot of accomplishments in just 6 years. Are you going to have three more kids in the next 6 years to make it 6 kids??