Tuesday, March 23, 2010

love at home

We have been having a wonderful time with baby Cali at home. Our home is filled with so much love, hugs and kisses!! Maddox has been occupied with his recent birthday presents...especially his "big guns"! I have been cleaning up the nerf bullets all over my house, they are in every nook and cranny! I can thank his Mimi for that! :)
Bryanna has loved having a "real baby" in the house. She is such a fantastic older sister, she loves to hold her, give her the pacifier, even burp her, and she likes to "just watch" us change diapers, but usually ends up helping handing us a few wipes or taking the diaper to the garbage!

Bryanna and Maddox are such good little pals, it melts my heart to see them play with each other constantly. And it made it worth it to have them 23 months apart.

All is going well on the home front...I wouldn't mind a little more sleep, but I feel so blessed to have sweet baby Cali in our family, I would lose sleep for her anyday!


Kara said...

You mean you don't have that baby sleeping through the night yet?? Ha ha! I'm sure you'll be getting more sleep soon. Bryanna looks so happy to have a baby sis!

Stacie Hawley said...

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!! So excited to meet her!!!

Allred Family said...

Yay looks like you guys are adjusting well to life with three kids!!!! Sounds like Bryanna is a GREAT lil' Helper!!!!

Terry Family said...

Congrats!! I can't believe we have babies that are just a few days apart! Hope you're feeling well!

Julianne said...

It's the perfect season for a new baby! How fun. Everyone looks so happy!