Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cali's baby shower

Some wonderful friends threw me a baby shower! It was so beautiful and elegant! Just look at the spread of food!
And of course, no baby shower would be complete without some nothing bundt cakes!
Look at this diaper cake....isn't it the sweetest, most adorable thing ever??? How cute did that turn out?!?! Some great friends made that for me, and I just LOVE it!
My sister, Jen, helped bring some of the delicious spread, it was so yummy!

And the cute little girls getting to come to the baby shower!! Bryanna, Abby, Lexy and their friend Julie.
How cute is this little guy....on a chair playing with the balloons!!!
Camille, Monica, Bryanna, Alissa, Michelle
Mom got these adorable matching jammies...aren't they sooooo gorgeous? Bryanna wore them last night, I think these little jammies are her new favorite!
Christa, the quilting queen, made this precious butterfly quilt to go in Cali's room! It is SO sweet, she is seriously such a pro with quilts, and she is such a good friend! Love this lady!
And my sis got this cuper cute Petunia Picklebottom Diaper bag...its vinyl so I can keep it nice and stain-free!
one of my favorite things during the newborn stage are the dress zippers or snaps or buttons to mess with in the middle of the cute are those ruffles?
did they have to get THAT face on film?
My first little angel with the balloons...she is so excited to finally have baby Cali get here!
I get to be induced this week...HURRAY!! It's nice to know when she will get here...we have lots of things "to do" this week in prep for the new get the dog to the groomer...put in the laundry room sink...put in a new banister upstairs, bryanna accidentally kicked out one of the spindles. Darn! Now Mark gets his wish of putting in an iron banister!

We are so excited to have a new spirit in the family!


Patrick and Hollie Davis said...

I like the way you party! That food lookes delicious and I love the diaper cake!

Angie said...

Sounds like Cali could be here before you even read this. I hope the delivery goes well. She's certainly coming home to an adorable nursery.

kim edvarchuk said...

So excited to see that you have a family blog. Now I can keep up with the Perrys! Hope you guys are doing great.

Julianne said...

countdowns are the perfect timing to get everything on the to-do list...DONE!

wow, i know who to contact for perfect and cute baby shower ideas!! love the petunia picklebottom bag...mine is the old version....and the silk is unraveling on the bottom!