Wednesday, February 17, 2010


so I have this darn sore throat and its creeping up into my ears. I know, adults shouldn't get ear aches, but then explain why my ears hurt so much, along with my throat and my neck? Being sick totally stinks. Remind me to never get sick again. I'm hoping the antibiotic kicks in fast, it hasn't felt like its made a difference yet, so we'll see. I can't remember feeling so miserable before.

Any suggestions for kicking a cold fast?


Shannon said...

Emergen-C always works wonders here. You can find it at pretty much any store these days. Also, if you have a cold antibiotics can only do more harm than good. Since colds are viral, anti's have no effect on them. It upsets the balance of your intestinal flora & you can eventually wind up having an immunity to the anti's. I hope you're able to kick it quickly! :)


Cathy and Jesse Johnson said...

I would suggest the emergen-c as well! I hope that you feel better!

Chrissy said...

When you are pregnant there isn't always alor of choices, but my doctor always tells me to gargle mouthwash for a sore throat. Do it like every hour. That always works for me, now I do it even when there is other stuff I can take. Hope you get feeling better soon!!

Julianne said...

Well I must say that I have been able to stop the cold virus from getting me all winter even when I feel it coming on by taking these Zinc, Vitamin C losenges. I am a firm believer. Hope you feel better soon!