Thursday, November 12, 2009

The reception

Our several attempts to get a family picture...some of them didn't turn out, thanks to my camera.

the fuzziness is killing me...I've got to figure out the settings on my camera so it won't do that.

Bride and Groom....picture perfect!

the cake from none other than Freed's Bakery. It was delicious!

the food catered by Kent Fabbi....he always does a fabulous job! The food he did was like a work of art!!

The Mission presidency and the couple missionaries all came. It was fun to have them there, and I think they had a good time, a change of scene if only for an hour!!

Nana & Grandpa

Groom's parents with Camille & Josh
The Ring Ceremony

Father of the Bride and Bride dancing!

the Groom & his mom
Maddox was up the temple for pictures...then off to the Luncheon....then straight over to the reception for more pictures and party time...he didn't last long doing the party thing!!

Jamie & Jordan
cutting and eating the cake!

Cousins: Kara, Jamie, Kathleen

my Bryanna dancing with her aunt, the Bride!

what wedding wouldn't be as fun without the soul train?!?

Maddox...the party pooper!!


Me said...

What a beautiful wedding! Maddox is so cute! :-)

wishywatchy said...

Bryanna's dancing was hilarious, I am surprised she didn't get whiplash! My kids loved it too! Oh and her cake is gorgeous, Sydney wants it for her birthday (yeah right!)

Julianne said...

WOW! Everything and Everyone looks so beautiful! What a fun family day. And Maddox is completley adorable Stacy!! Freeds is the way to go, oh I'm craving their fruit tarts so badly right now...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!