Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the loft



Maddox was our little helper...following daddy around with his tools. It was a little boy's dream!

This is the loft, uncarpeted. We are getting carpet next week (hurray!!!)

Dry wall...its coming together!


We love the addition. Because of the new baby coming, it was a great excuse to actually get this project done and out of the way. We moved all the toys upstairs on the plywood for now. And the guest room that was upstairs (soon to be the nursery) was moved to the downstairs bedroom that was the old toy room. I have to say that I am enjoying it WAY more than I even anticipated. When guests come, they have their privacy downstairs and we have ours upstairs. I like it a lot, especially since we seem to have guests a lot!


Chrissy said...

How nice for you!! It looks awesome!!

Amy said...

It looks amazing!

Me said...

Wow! That's incredible! What a great upgrade! Love it! Can't wait to see the cute nursery!