Monday, May 4, 2009


My little sister, Jamie, and I had a BiRtHdAy weekend, along with Jamie going to Prom! She's a beauty, and I am so happy to share my B-day with her! We had an awesome dinner on Sunday to celebrate with family and good eats....shrimp tacos and ceviche! Then we had quite the spread of birthday ice cream cake, two Nothing Bundt cakes, and a delicious home-made German Chocolate cake. (yes, you counted right, that was four cakes we had to eat from!)

Beauty Queen, finishing up her make-up

Camille was her hair dresser and Make-up Artist...very talented! It turned out beautiful!

Getting the last of wardrobe necessities, SHOES!

Entering the waiting mob of papparazzi, trying to snap a picture of this Barbie Doll.

There were five cameras going, constantly snapping shots, trying to capture this moment in time!

And Jordan finally gets here...the man of the hour (so to speak). I was very impressed with Jordan, earning his own money to go on this extravaganza. Isn't that the way it should be anyway? Way to go, Jordan!

So happy together!

I had many more shots to choose from, I could have posted about 10 more pictures! They were too gorgeous, and such a cute couple, it was hard to keep my finger from stopping!!

They had a total blast for Prom, going to eat at the Tournament of Kings, going to the dance and then coming back to the strip with friends to grab some dessert a the Paris Hotel, see the conservatory at Bellagio, and just having a good time!


The Petersons said...

OMG your sister looks GORGEOUS! Holy cow! I did NOT look that good in high school! ha ha Stacy, you've got some good family genes! :-)

Laurie said...

wow, with the GORGEOUS pink mermaid dress and the blonde hair...definitely a Barbie doll! Lucky man. Wish Icould fit that dress let alone pull it off! ;)

Amy said...

Jamie looked beautiful! Prom is always a fantastic memory :)

Michelle and Andrew said...

she must've been the belle of the ball. how fun to share a birthday with your sister. I am sorry we were not in town to party with you guys. we would've really enjoyed that. Happy Birthday again!!!

Danielle said...

She's goregous but thats all in the family!! And yes she does look like barbie!!

Julianne said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures! Jamie showed me how to braid my hair at the ward Easter party! You girls have all the cute fashion hair and makeup.

Julie Andersen said...

HOLY COW.. Little Miss Jamie it HOTTTTTT.. work it girl!

Lindsay said...

Your sister is such a hottie. But you're all you can have THAT compliment too! Love ya stacy.