Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mark's "WORK" Trip

Wednesday morning Jim (Stacy's dad) and I took off for San Diego for a "work" trip. We went to a marketing seminar for the pool deck product that we use. It lasted from 1 to 4, and we learned a lot. After the seminar, Westcoat (The product manufacturer), took us out to The Fish Market, which was a very nice seafood restaraunt in the harbor in San Diego. I had crab legs, my favorite. After dinner, we both had a sweet tooth and went to Yogurtland for some dessert. The one in San Diego had lots more toppings than the one in Town Square. I had Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter, and Cheesecake Yogurt with Reese's, Kit-Kats, Cookies Dough, and Oreo's on top. YUMMY!!!

On Thursday we went to a product demo for Westcoat. It was their Epoxy Flooring demo. They have this product called "Liquid Dazzle", which is the main reason we went. It looks AMAZING, especially for Coffee Shops, Ice Cream Parlors, and Specialty Shops. Here is a sample of what it looks like.

After the demo, we went and tried to tour the U.S.S Midway, an aircraft carrier used in WWII, but it was closed for a "special event". So, we decided to go to the movies and we saw "Star Trek". Even though I couldn't stand to watch it on T.V. when I was a kid, it was a REALLY good movie. I will probably see it again with Stacy. After the movie, it was off to Yogurtland for another concoction. I had the same as the night before, but I added a few gummy bears on the side.

Friday was my favorite day. We woke up and drove to Torrey Pines Golf Course. For those of you who don't know, this is why Torrey Pines is Famous:

Westcoat took us golfing (at $200 per person!!!) here. It was probably the worst round of golf I have played since I was 10, but there were a few good shots, and the views were fantastic!

If you can't see my ball, it was a 160 yard par 3 with a 300 foot drop, and I hit it within 6 feet of the hole. You can see the tiny ball to the right of the flag.

Overall, I had a great "work" trip.


The Petersons said...

K, now you need to let Stacy come out here without kids! I could show her a thing or 2- AND Yogurtland!!! :-) That epoxy stuff looks rad!

Amy said...

You definitely played more than you worked - my kind of trip!

Laurie said...

looks like a fun "work" trip :)