Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas came early!

Last week, Mark went out and bought Rack Band!!! The new version of Rock Band is coming out and so all the original versions have gone on SALE! We have been playing almost every night...and having so much fun!

Our little Drummer girl...her favorite...and she's pretty good at it too! She can follow the colors and hit them on beat occasionally!

Daddy likes the guitar because its "easier" than the drums!

Maddox walks around the house with both the drum sticks in his hands...and hasn't used them as weapons yet (luckily!). When ever we start playing he will find what ever he can to hit the drums too!!

We will be in Hawaii for Christmas and New Years, so we are giving gifts whenever we happen to get them...Thanks for a fun family toy babe!

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Angie said...

Hawaii for Christmas! You Perrys are always doing something. I can't believe Maddox is already potty trained. Go Mark! By the way, I'll pretend you didn't write that Twilight is the best love story ever written...Romeo and Juliet? Heathcliff and Cathy? Rhett and Scarlett?...for heaven's sake, even Angel and Buffy! You're killin' me! :)