Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stacy's Movie Review

I love the summer for a few reasons; nonstop swimming, the beach vacation, and MOVIES! I LOVE going to the movies, if I could go every weekend during the summer, I would go! I like three types of movies...romance comedy, action/thrillers, and drama, with an exception here and there of a stupid comedy like Napoleon Dynamite.

Indiana Jones...Two Thumbs Up!!

After my kids nap time on Saturday, (and mine, I'm happy to say I finally got my first nap in after the move...way over due:) we headed over to Green Valley Ranch as a family to see this block buster film. Harrison Ford was a bit older than the last Indiana Jones films that came out years ago, and surprisingly he still had some fighting moves left in him. Although this one didn't have quite the leading lady from the past ones...which really didn't make a difference, it was still great!

It was mostly fantastic, with the exception of a CRANKY lady who probably didn't have any kids of her own, complaining to me that my kids were too loud...I must admit that if a child is crying, that is one thing, but my kids were NOT crying through the entire film. They were actually really happy and Maddox was making cute (of course I think all his noises are cute) baby noises, his jibber-jabber is just so lovable! I think people have more tolerance when they can relate to other's situations. Too bad for her, and her mean attitude! I highly recommend this box office hit...very entertaining, go see it!

Maid of Honor...once again, Two Thumbs Up!!

I loved, loved, loved this film...a bit of a hopeless romantic, I drouled through this "chick flick"!! Patrick Dempsey, and his co-star, Michelle Monaghan, had the on screen chemistry the audience loves to see! The plot was a bit unrealistic, but I have to say it was very entertaining, with lots of twists and turns...and the ending was exactly what I hoped for. Go see it, and if not, rent it when it comes out!!


Natalie said...

Stacy, your post was so funny to me because Mike and I went on a date on Saturday to Indian Jones and then last night I just needed some alone time and Mike told me to go see a movie and I saw Maid of Honor. LOL. Great Minds really do think a like.

I hope you get to have a lot more naps this summer and get to see a lot more movies.

Allred Family said...

Spencer and I went to go see Indiana Jones on Saturday too!!! I cannot believe that lady was complaining about your kids in Movie. I cannot believe how rude some people are, it's pretty sad :(
I have wainted to go see Made of Honor, It's hard getting Spencer into a chick flick, I will rent it when it comes out for sure. It's always nice when there are GREAT movies ot go see!!!!!!

The Petersons said...

My Dad sees about 3 movies a week. He's a HUGE movie fan and he reads all the reviews and stuff, it's way cute. He said Indiana Jones was probably the best movie of the summer so far. I haven't been to see a movie for months! The last time we went we decided to bring Parker and half way through the movie he threw up on the people in front of us. Yes, it was very embarrassing. I guess he was a little sick, I felt so bad! ha ha Anyhoo, maybe I can get some chicks together for Maid of Honor and Tanner can stay home with the baby!

Chris & Chrissy said...

Made of Honor was awesome wasn't it!? I will definitely be buying that one!

Danielle said...

I never get to the movies, I always wait for the DVDs to come out. I guess I should go more often but those 2 sound great and can't wait to see them.

Relle said...

I haven't yet seen the new Indiana Jones movie, but I find your complaint about the leading lady interesting, as Dan was thrilled that they finally brought back the first leading lady, who actually comes closer to matching Harrison Ford's age than any woman he's been opposite for awhile. I keep telling Dan to post a review. Anyway, I enjoyed your reviews.

Angie said...

Who the heck is Relle? Sorry, I'm on my mom's computer.

Christene said...

We saw Indiana Jones and thought it was okay. I am looking forward to Made of Honor. That looks so fun!