Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grandpa's Funeral

Mark ended up driving to Cedar City with me on Friday, and then took off to SLC later that night so he could be there for his friend's wedding on Saturday. He drove back to Cedar City Saturday night, so we could drive home Sunday. The road trip proved to be easy afterall.

This is Mark wearing PINK for the wedding!! I have tried to get him some pink ties or shirts and he refuses to wear them!! He must really like his friend, Casey, to put on this! I just wonder why he can't do it for me:)

We had a family gathering on Friday night, and I think if it weren't for this funeral, I wouldn't have seen some relatives for another ten years or so it seems! I think that is one of the neat things about funerals, most everyone in the family will come to pay their final respects and honor the life they lived. I have to say, though I knew alot of things about my Grandpa, there were some new things I learned during the service, some wild and daring adventures; he lived in the Jungle of Peru and visited the Holy Land 9 times.

He and my Grandmother had TEN children (my dad is the fourth of ten), 39 Grandchildren and 40 Great Grandchildren. That is one VERY large posterity, 89 people and counting!!

Grandpa Andersen served 33 months in WWII, he was a SNIPER (among other things), and JUMPED OUT OF AIRPLANES, and even did so on D-day in Normandy...he was truly a WAR HERO.

During the Eulogy, I learned that he went to primary on his own and through those experiences and great faith he was baptized as a young boy. While serving as a soldier, he had this strong impression the Lord was preserving him as he watched his friends and Comrads die in combat. I think part of his preservation from the war were many reasons including the blessing of his children and great posterity, and being a proactive missionary his entire life, teaching about Christ. I remember him ALWAYS talking about the gospel...incorperating it into ANY conversation with ANYONE.

Most importantly, I am so grateful for my Grandpa in teaching my dad the gospel, loving and supporting him, teaching him the ropes in construction and what it takes to be a good, and honest Contractor. And even more unique is that my husband is in those shoes as well, working and learning in that field with my dad. I will be forever grateful because my dad has passed those things onto me, and I cannot be more blessed.

I was not expecting so many emotions during our trip, but I couldn't hold back the tears. Claiming the prize for biggest cry baby of the year, will give you a little insight:) I was mostly sorry for my dad and his siblings in losing their father, as for me, I was sad that I didn't know him better! But isn't that what eternity is for? I have a small feeling of regret not being closer with him, and I think if that were the case, I would still be crying!!! Lol!! Now I know what to expect, slightly, when my mom's parents pass away, whom I am very close to and talk with weekly, and take family vacations with.

This was on the day my parents were married, standing with their parent's at their sides. These are the most amazing and influential people in my life, (besides my husband!) My Grandpa Andersen is far right, with his wife, Annie Belle (who passed away in 1982). On the far left is Grandpa Noorda and his wife, Joyce (Nana), whom are still living.

Not looking foward to losing them, as for now, I will try to live in the present and enjoy everyday with everyone who is in my immediate and small life on earth. I can only imagine the great and big family reunion that will take place in the life after this with those who are already there. The true beauty of the gospel is Eternal Families!


Kara said...

I'm glad to trip went so well and you got to see lots of family. What a great posterity! That's kind of how it was at Chris' Grandma's funeral, there were over 100 family members there and you have such a great perspective on things. It's best to live in the present and live each day to its fullest. We never know what will happen to the ones we love. Good thing we have the gospel and know this is not the end.

The Petersons said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I hope everyone is doing ok. I know what you're going through. Those stories about him are amazing! And that picture of your mom back in the day looks JUST like you! wow!

Kara said...

OK, I was looking at your parent's wedding picture again and I can't believe how much you look like your mom! You and Camille. That is a great picture!!

Christene said...

How beautiful to learn so much about this person you thought you knew. I think it is amazing that everyone has such a special story to tell. It reminds us all to cherish everyone around us and make time for them. I'm glad you had this special experience! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Baker Bunch said...

That was wonderful, Stacy! I think you look like your Mom as well!

Nater said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you Stacy for sharing your feelings. It really is amazing how the gospel influences our lives and changes our perspective. While many people grieve deaply at funerals I have been inspired by the lives that my grandparents have lived. Their funerals have been a time of reflection, rededication, and inspiration. Sounds like your grandpa was a great man and that many grandchildren can be inspired by his life.

Hawley Family said...

Your grandpa seems like he was quite the guy!! Wow...a war hero...a gospel great!! Isn't it great to KNOW that we will be with them again someday!!

Also - I need to get your new address...a few of my friends are throwing me a little shower and I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU COULD COME!!! Just email me... THANKS!!!