Friday, February 22, 2008

Love that Bryanna girl

I have to sit down and write because it is the best atmosphere to do so. My fireplace is on while the rain is pouring outside and my sweet little puppy is snuggled up next to me. Today while I was shopping at Costco I had a wonderful experience, as opposed to yesterday's! I first went to grab some the chicken bakes they have there. I had the kids in the cart and parked it to the side of the line while I got our lunch. After I ordered I went over to fill up the drink at the soda fountain, in the which Bryanna lost sight of me. I could hear her saying very loudly, "Mooooommmmy, Moooooommmmmmy!" She was repeating herself until she saw me. It was funny to me because yesterday I felt that she would rather discover the world without my assistance, run wild trying to figure it out all by herself. And I'm sure Satan is wanting me to think that it is true (of course it's not!!). Acknowledging I was gone in a very busy place and actually calling out for me today was like a light bulb went off in her brain! Glory, Glory Hallelujah! Love that sweet little girl. We all have to validate ourselves in ways of progression, even if she is singing my name in her sweet little voice and people are looking at her thinking her mom ran off, it was good enough for me!


Hawley Family said...

SO CUTE!!! Your little family is darling! It was so great to see you today at the shower- thanks for coming!! This is Stacie Hawley by-the-way ha ha! I am so glad that you have a blog - not we can stay connected so easily!

Baker Bunch said...

I love that feeling," my kids actually do LOVE ME"! Sounds like you had a better experience! I wish you many more to come, I sure would love that! LOL.
Love ya ;)