Monday, September 20, 2010


Mark turned 28. Finally...he's 28. Haha! I have to laugh because 28 came and gone for me a few years ago! We had a fun day with him...with two kids in school, Mark and I went out to lunch and it was fantastic just the two (and a half) of us! :)

Also, as another awesome thing that I totally love about him is his motivation to help us stay organized around the house. We have been working on building our food storage for the last few know, a little bit every month or so...with no place to put it!! Until now.... ya...check that out...lots and lots of storage for our dehydrated and canned food...that should last us til we've been married for 36 years!

Except Putter...he won't live that long, but he was sure cute climbing between shelves checking it out!

And Mark's cake request this year was a piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting *and the Halloween sprinkles* were not his idea, but the kids...of course!

I love all 28 years of you, Mark...for the wonderful husband, provider, protector and daddy that you are. Happy Birthday, again!


Caitlin said...

Happy birthday Mark! Glad you guys had a great day.

Stacy, I never would have guessed that you have a few years on Mark--I've got almost 3 on Rob. Every time he reminds me that I'm older (which isn't often), I remind him that he has more gray hair. :)

PrincessAnna said...

Happy Bday Mark! Stacy you Cradle Robber! Ha ha just kidding :) My husband is two years my junior, too and always jokes that he wasn't even born when I was in jr. high. He wishes!

I love the fall because you always blog some great recipes.

Love you tons and you seem to be doing three kids well!