Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, I didn't go to the midnight showing of Twilight. This darn cold I have just wouldn't make it a pretty sight if I stayed up all night. But, just the same, I went yesterday afternoon and saw it with Mark. He really liked it, to his surprise!! I knew he would like it, so I turned it into our date night and just told him to plan on going with me! He and I both agreed we could see it again...

I'm really glad I didn't re-read the book again just to get all the facts straight because the movie can't fit every single detail of the storyline, and I didn't want to get disappointed in the blockbuster!

Reasons why I LOVED twilight:

~there was awesome chemistry between the actors who played Bella and had to be there, otherwise it would have failed miserably!

~the storyline was followed pretty closely

~because Mark liked it, it made me like it even isn't just for teenie boppers who are boy crazy! Grown men like it too!

~it was super romantic, action packed and drama filled.

During the movie, Mark kept asking me...does he bite her? Does she die? What's going to happen? So now I'm going to get him the audio book so we can listen to it...because I know him...he won't read it! But now that he's hooked on the story, he'll enjoy the sequels that much more!
Maybe we'll go back to see it in the theaters after Thanksgiving!


Kaerlig said...

David already told me he doesn't want to go see it. I think I will have to trick him into it somehow, though he might not be the best company.

Chrissy said...

If we could only get them to read the stinkin' book!!:) Chris loved it too and wants to go see it again!!

Allred Family said...

I am so glad you liked it, Spencer agreed to go see it with me, we have not gone yet. I thought about re-reading the book but like you i decided against it!!!! I cannot wait to go see it :)

Danielle said...

It was good. The character's chemistry was really the key for me. The actors did a great job. Now I need to take my husband!!

The Petersons said...

Oh i re-read the book and so I noticed all this stuff... but it was still fun. You have to take it for what it's worth- you know, the movie is never as good as the book.

Tanner totally listened to the book! That's so funny that Mark wants to listen to it, too. I think it's an easy one to listen to because it is so descriptive. I really liked it and can't wait for New Moon! -someday... :-)

Celeste said...

I saw it on Friday night and also enjoyed it. I was going into it not expecting much because I knew it wouldn't be as good as the book, so I was pleasantly surprised. I am trying to get my hubby to come see it with such luck yet!

Baker Bunch said...

WOW!! I had justin Talked in to going with me saturday night (yes, that would have made it 3 times) but we couldn't get a babysitter! He said that he would go though... That is an improvement from earlier!! I keep telling him everyone else's husbands like it... so I think I can get him there!!
Also because he knows he will get LUCKY after we get home from the movie!! HA
Miss ya, Luv Ya