Thursday, January 3, 2008

Perry Family News

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Holiday, spent with lots of family on both sides. Mark's family came for his graduation, so Bryanna loved meeting her cousins all over again. I say that because talking is a new world for toddlers, playing and interacting is different even though she's met her cousins, she didn't remember them until now! It was lots of fun for everyone.
Christmas was filled with lots of new toys and games, which is keeping Bryanna and Maddox very preoccupied, I am loving all the toys just as much as they are! I can get lots of things done during the day without trying to come up with activities for Bryanna. Mark also loves being done with school....and so am I. He is a great daddy when he gets off work, instead of grabbing a bite to eat before he had to head off to class. Life is fantastic right now!
We are starting off 2008 with a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Looking forward to a vaca without the kiddies is like our honeymoon all over again! We are planning on bringing a few good books to read while we lay-out on the white sandy beaches. This trip has been planned since July, so there is much anticipation and excitement!!!


Allred Family said...

Yea I am so glad you have a blog!! It is so much fun. I cannot believe how big your Kiddo's are, Soooo Cute :)

Christene said...

Looks great Stacy! Thanks for sharing with us. I look forward to checking in on your blog. It's a great tool for keeping in touch and sharing pics and stuff. Can't wait to see your vacation photos. That sounds like a GREAT time!

Terry Family said...

I'm so excited you have a blog now! I will link your page on my blog so I can check it often. Hey one thing to be cautious about...I've heard it's good not to list where you live and stuff like that. Anyway, hope you're doing well. Your kids sure are cute. You can check my blog at

Kara said...

OK, Stacy, we've been bloggers about the same amount of time. Thanks for the comment. You need to make a post about your cruise with some pictures!

Melanie said...

Your blog looks great! You have inspired me to start one. Thanks for sharing. I am excited to see your cruise pictures.